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On the Beach

Banana Casa Playa, Vassilikos, Zakynthos

The Sea and the Sky

Explore Banana Beach, a stunning Blue Flag certified oasis in Zakynthos, known for its unparalleled beauty and crystal-clear waters.

Its unique allure lies in its pristine sandy shores, imposing landscapes, and the radiant Greek sun illuminating the azure sea.

This coastal paradise houses Casa Playa beach bar and restaurant, woven into the breathtaking landscape.

Umbrellas & Sunbeds

A few dozen relaxing umbrellas and elegant wooden cabana offering you shade from the midday sun and also the opportunity to enjoy your food or your drink next to the crystal waters of the Ionian Sea.

Beach Facilities & Services

Cabana Beds

Food & Drinks Service

Free Wi-Fi

Crystal-Clear Waters

Outdoor Showers

Changing Rooms

Cocktails on the Beach

Parties with DJs